MainPro Self-Contained Portable Isolated Power Systems

MainPro, Inc. has several models of Self-contained Portable Isolated Power Systems designed to power small Procedure Rooms up to large Operating Rooms. All are UL Listed under 1022 and constructed to UL 1047 standards.

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What is MainPro Incorporated?

For over 30 years, MainPro Inc. has been a leader and pioneer in the field of isolated power service and retro fitting in hospitals, clinics, and private medical facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

MainPro is a trusted name in the industry located in the Tri-State area of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, where the latest unit – the MainPro 8208 – has been developed and tested over the last five years, proving to be a safe, reliable, mobile, and completely self-contained 208v Isolated Power System.

The MainPro 8208, like the earlier MainPro 2552, MainPro 4162, and MainPro 6282 models are constructed to UL standards and approved for use in clinical areas by the NFPA.

MainPro 6282 Self-Contained Portable Isolated Power System

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