MainPro Services Meets All NFPA Requirements

According to the standard for Health Care Facilities, NFPA-99 – “The Line Isolated Monitor (LIM) circuit shall be tested at intervals of not more than one month by activating the (LIM) test switch. For a LIM circuit with automated self-test and self-calibration capabilities, this test shall be performed at intervals of not more than 12 months.”

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Quick Response Time…

Call today – Conveniently located in the tri-state area Ohio / Kentucky / Indiana Appointments available, with factory certified technicians available throughout the U.S.

Testing and Repair …

Meets all code requirements under NFPA 99, “Health Care Facilities” for six month and annual testing Certifications for new installations and existing units; trouble shooting and retro-fitting of all major systems, including: Square D, Bender, G.E.,
C.E.S. and Post Glover

In-Service Training …

Valuable for hospital personnel – Ensures all testing and Joint Commission
requirements are being met
How isolated power works, what to do in the case of an alarm and how to troubleshoot problems

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  • Testing can be completed on newly constructed or existing operating rooms
  • All testing is completed by Certified Technicians that comply with NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities and NFPA 70 National Electrical Code
  • Technicians are located nationwide for your service requirements
  • After completion of successful testing; a written certification is given to the hospital/facility to ensure the systems comply with required codes, good installation practices; and specifications.
  • Factory Start-Up Commissioning Test and Inspection
  • Annual Inspections


  • MainPro technicians train your onsite staff for LIM function, monitoring, maintenance, and testing logs.
  • Requirements by NFPA 99 will be included in the training handbook for references.
  • A training session is conducted with your hospital / facility medical and maintenance personnel on how to handle LIM equipment alarms.
  • The Field Test Reports and Maintenance log books will be reviewed.
  • This training session will also cover any questions or concerns about your Line Isolation Monitor.
  • A training video, designed to comply with the NFPA 99 requirements, is available on request.
  • After the training session, technical support is just a phone call away.

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